Sun, Sand and Plantains!

In most cases a trip to the Dominican Republic is a guaranteed beach vacation, except if you are staying in Bonao. Bonao is almost directly in the middle of the island and is about 2-4 hours away from the coast. Despite the promise of a long, winding drive through the mountains we managed to make it out to the beach at least once during my stay. On our way to Sousa beach we just had to make a stop for food on the way…

Roadside fruit stand


Bananas and a fruit I do not know the name of!


A little banana

Sosua Beach

As we waited for our lunch to arrive we took in the beautiful scenery…

Our table by the beach

Finally, our lunch arrived…

Fish and plantains

Clams for sale

Once we finished our lunch we were ready to relax on the beach…

It was a great day at the beach!



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2 responses to “Sun, Sand and Plantains!

  1. Ivy

    Your whole trip looks and sounds amazing! Let me know if you ever figure out what that mystery fruit was…

    • bedstuylove

      Thanks Ivy;) I will let you know what that fruit was…it was strange inside, milky white with lots of seeds.

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